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Why does no one look at me,

It’s as if they cannot see.

I am standing next to you,

But still, you let me be.

Please stop that crying.

Why are you so sad?

You look like you lost your best friend,

It can’t be that bad.

Where do you think you’re going now?

And why don’t you just talk?

Just tell me what is hurting you,

I’ll try to make it stop.

Why are we at this funeral home?

No one I know is gone.

Please can’t you tell me, 

What is going on?

Who is in that coffin?

My heart won’t let me near it,

But still, my feet keep moving,

Though my soul can’t bear it.

I’m looking at a face I know,

I see it every night.

That can’t be me lying there,

That just isn’t right.

Who is playing this trick on me?

I’m still alive, you see.

So why am I in that coffin?

Why are you crying for me?

How can you walk right past me?

I just don’t understand.

My heart is beating wildly, 

I don’t think I can stand.

I scream and shout for someone near,

But still, you look away.

It says I died three days ago, 

But still, my spirit stays.

I long to hold you in my arms,

And gather you to me.

But every time I reach out, 

I pass right through, you see.

Something is pulling me upward,

I really cannot fight it.

Maybe I’m going to heaven,

I’ll see you after life.

Goodbye to you my dearest friend, 

I wish you all that’s grand.

Take care of all the things you have,

Cherish them, my friend.

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I’ll hold you close every day,

And never let you go.

I’ll snuggle you in bed with me,

Till morning sun breaks through.

You’ll be with me and no one else,

No matter what they say.

I’ll have you till your torn and dirty,

And till I’m old and grey.

Oh, blanky you’re my hero,

You’ve never let me down.

You always make me smile,

When I want to frown.

Mother says you have to go,

But I have hid you well.

She won’t find you in my toy bin, 

As long as you don’t tell.

So blanky it’s just you and me,

Against the whole wide world.

What would I do without you,

I’de be just a little girl.

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I’m lost, 

Staring into your eyes.

I’m swept away, 

By feelings I shouldn’t have.

With a look,

Walls crumble, thoughts disappear.

You make me dream, 

Of something new.

My heart beats, 

Fast enough to burst.

Can any of this,

Really be true.

Feelings are fleeting,

Like a breeze in the sky.

What I feel,

May not be what you do.

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I’m supposed to like fashion.

I’m supposed to like clothes.

I’m supposed to change my hair.

I guess that’s how it goes.

My friends say I am crazy,

Always a little off.

I prefer to talk about real life,

Your feelings and your thoughts

I don’t care about your money.

I don’t care about your style.

I care what you are feeling.

I care what makes you smile.

I want to know about you, 

Everything inside and out.

I want to share your dreams,

And help you with your doubts.

I’m here when you are ready.

I’ll wait until you see.

That I will never leave you.

You can always count on me.


My Love

The love of my life,

The man of my dreams,

We’ve been together,

Almost forever it seems.

He’s held me through tears,

We’ve laughed in the sun,

We’ve hugged and we’ve kissed,

When each day is done.

I’ll never forget,

Everything we’ve been through,

He’s the only one for me,

And our love is true.