Elemental Seekers Series


With one small fall, seventeen-year-old Sally Abeneb’s life changes dramatically. After a series of tests, she is sent to a special doctor who tells her she has just awoken her elemental powers. Confused and separated from her parents she tries to navigate a new school filled with other young elementals, some whose parents are involved with a secret organization trying to rule the world and enslave regular people.

Sally finds out she may be destined to either stop the darkness from taking over or be consumed by it. With help from her friends and a secret note, she finds her way to the water elemental palace where she must help stop a curse from taking over in order to get them to trust her. 

With the secret organization following her every move, she learns how to make her powers appear unremarkable while still learning how to control them to keep from falling into their hands or worse becoming like them. It’s a balancing act that she has to perfect or her life and her parents are at risk. 


Still learning how to use her elemental powers, Sally must now find the air elementals and help them escape from the clutches of darkness. The Pulhu are after her, and even some of the kids in school have decided to help the secret organization. With nowhere safe for her, Sally needs to learn about her powers and how to use them as fast as possible, without getting caught. 

Sally and her friends must work together to figure out what to do. The darkness is getting closer, and they still don’t know how to stop it. The prophecy says she must find the air elementals or she won’t win, and the darkness will take over, tearing everything she loves apart. Will she be able to save them in time, or will the Pulhu stop her?

Book three coming soon

Buried Embers



The baby dragon looked at me sleepily. It was curled up on my bed. Mauevene, a water sprite, flew around the dragon flinching when its tongue snaked out trying to grab her.

“Bad baby dragon,” I said, giving it a hard look. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I didn’t know dragons even existed. I sat on the other side of my bed, and it scooted closer to me, trying to snuggle against my leg. I sighed and lifted it up, placing it in my lap while Mauevene flew around us. I could feel a rumble coming from the baby dragon, almost like a cat’s purr. It lifted one eyelid to look at me as I shifted my weight.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I told it. It settled back down as I studied it. I was going to have to come up with a name. I couldn’t keep calling it the baby dragon. How did a dragon get its name, I wondered. I remembered reading a book about a dragon where it told the person its name. I reached my hand out and placed it on the dragon. When no name came to me, I let out a little huff. Too bad, that would’ve made this so much easier, I thought.

I looked to Mauevene for help, but she disappeared as soon as she saw me looking at her. She didn’t want anything to do with this kind of responsibility either. Maybe my friends could help me. I didn’t even know what to feed it. I heard a grumbling noise from the dragon. It sounded like laughter.

“Are you laughing at me? You made the same sound when I caught you in my room. You better not be laughing at me or I won’t help you.” The grumbling grew louder. It was definitely laughter. I tried to stand up and put the baby dragon on the bed, but it clung to me, its body wrapping around my arm. It was shaped like a Chineses dragon, with a long sinuous body. It clawed its way up my sleeve until it settled around my neck.

I looked in the mirror and watched as the dragon disappeared. I could feel him against me, but I couldn’t see him. I walked to my door, telling him to stay invisible while I tried to find my friends.

Abby was across the hall in her room. She opened her door and told me to come in when I knocked. After stepping into her room, I looked around in shock. We had only been back a short time, yet she had managed to take all the clothes in her suitcase and spread them everywhere in her room.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m looking for a coin I took with me when we went on our trip,” she said, talking about the school field trip we had just gotten back from. It had been a dangerous trip for us. While the other students were doing class stuff, my group snuck away to go help the air elementals in their realm at the top of the mountain. We had managed to save them from the dark magic cast on the creatures guarding them. In return, they promised to help me when the time came for me to face the darkness that was coming closer and closer to earth, trying to take over.

The darkness was already influencing members of the council. Now it was causing trouble at the school too. Mrs. Sullivan, our headmistress, told us the Pulhu on the council were trying to get her fired and replace her with one of their own. Most elementals didn’t realize how bad things were getting. The Pulhu made sure to cover their tracks. No one could tie them to anything. A lot more elementals were starting to believe the lies they were spreading too. They believed they should rule the world and that nonmagical people should be beneath them. 

I still couldn’t believe people actually felt that way. To me, everyone was equal. That’s why I was best friends with Tider, the son of the most known family in the Pulhu. It was said they ran most of the Pulhu except for a small side group. I didn’t care though, Tider was a sweet, caring kid who didn’t want to hurt anyone unless he had to. He had been tricking his family for years, pretending to believe the lies they spread while never doing anything bad himself. It was the only he could get by. If they knew how he really felt they would have cursed him or killed him long ago. 

I convinced Abby to look for the coin later. I wanted to talk to everyone about my baby dragon problem. I mentally reached out to Richard, asking him to find the other guys and meet us in the cafeteria. I felt him respond through our link. They would be there soon. Abby and I beat them there and grabbed a table. There weren’t any other kids in the school since they wouldn’t be back until tomorrow, so there wasn’t a lot of choices to eat. I grabbed a granola bar and some juice before heading back to the table.

The guys came in soon after, and we all ate quietly for a few minutes before I told them about my baby dragon problem. 

“You have a what?” exclaimed Adam, the newest member of our group. We had helped him escape from the water elemental realm when they caught him sneaking around their palace. Ever since then, he had stuck with us.

“It was on my bed when we got back. It had a note telling me it would help guide us and to hurry. I think the first thing we need to do is name it,” I told them when no one said anything.

Abby immediately started throwing names out like cuddles and Mr. spitfire. My baby dragon hissed in my ear at each one. 

“I don’t think it likes those,” I told her

“Wait, it’s with you?”

I nodded and explained how it had become invisible and wrapped itself around my neck. My friends wanted to see the dragon, so we decided to meet that night in the south wing. It was the only place we could all talk privately. For as long as anyone can remember, the south wing hasn’t been used. Most of the students and teachers thought a fire had destroyed the south wing and it was never rebuilt, but I found out a spell was placed on it to keep everyone away from it. I broke the spell for my friends so we could use it as a hiding place. Someone else knew about it too. We didn’t know who it was. They wore a black cloak, but I could tell it was a female and either a teacher or in my year. We saw her in the south wing meeting with someone last term. We made sure to keep our eyes out for her when we were there, but we hadn’t seen her since. 

I snuck a few handfuls of extra chicken to feed to the baby dragon when I got back to my room. When I tried to feed it to him, he turned up his nose disgusted. I shrugged and turned away from him. I hadn’t figured anything else out about dragons. From the books I looked at, dragons were rare to see even when the elementals were allowed to roam the human realm freely. 

My friends were going to see if they could learn anything to help me before I met with them in the south wing maybe one of them could tell me what to feed it. 

That night I snuck down to the south wing with Abby to meet the guys. As we neared the door to the south wing, I heard voices around the corner. I grabbed Abby’s hand, dragging her into the corridor with me. We watched as the new teacher, Mr. Burwel, walked past with Sean. I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I went to take a step closer, but Abby stopped me. 

You can’t walk out there. They will see you. We were only five feet from them, but the spell on the south wing kept them from being able to see us. Even if they looked directly towards us, all they would see was a closed door to the south wing. I watched as they said goodbye and Sean headed towards the boy’s wing. Mr. Burwel turned and walked back towards the classrooms. I wanted to follow him. There was no reason to go that way in the middle of the night, but I had to worry about the baby dragon first. 

I turned away and walked further into the south wing, finding the classroom where we all met up. The guys were already waiting. I told them what I saw, and they agreed we would have to keep an eye on the new teacher. Especially since Mrs. Sullivan thought he was part of the Pulhu.

No one had learned anything about dragons. We were going to have to guess how to raise it. Mauevene hadn’t known either when I asked her.

“Is he here?” Abby asked, excitedly.

“Yes,” I told her. “Baby dragon you can show yourself to my friends, they won’t hurt you.” The dragon slowly became visible wrapped around the back of my neck, his tail coming around the front and trailing over my shoulder. 

“Oh my goodness. He is adorable. Can I pet him?” Beth asked.

My baby dragon puffed up his chest and let out a small growl. 

“I think that’s a no,” I said.

Beth looked sad but perked back up when Richard asked about names. 

“I still don’t know. I’m not even sure if it’s a boy or girl.”

“He seems to know what we are saying. Let’s give him or her a bunch of names to choose from,” Richard said.  

Everyone started saying different names as the dragon snorted at each one. He didn’t seem happy with any of the choices. I felt him bump his snout to my face, and a name came to me.

“His name is Sievroth,” I told my friends. At their questioning looks, I explained how I knew his name now. We stayed for another thirty minutes talking about the new teacher and what Mrs. Sullivan had said. If she wasn’t here to protects us, the Pulhu would be able to get to us in no time. We decided to start figuring out a backup plan in case the council sent her away.

Back in my room, I watched as Sievroth unfurled from my neck and gently flew around the room, stretching his wings. Mauevene appeared, and he immediately tried to snatch her up. I grabbed him and leaned into his face scolding him. Hot smoke blew into my face from his nostrils, and I leaned back startled. 

“You better not breathe fire in this room, Sievroth,” I told him. “I don’t want to try and explain why my room has scorch marks all over it. If you need to breathe fire, you go outside and do it where no one will see you. Or better yet, control it, so you don’t have to do it at all.”

Sievroth turned his head to the side and started shaking it.

“I mean it, Sievroth,” I began to say. The baby dragon let out a small sneeze, and a ball of fire hit my wall, burning the poster I had up on the wall. I used air to put the fire out as quickly as I could, but it still left a few marks that would be hard to explain. Dragons fire was really hot to have burned the wall so fast. I looked at the ashes of my poster. I would need to ask my mom and dad to send me another one. Sievroth glided over to the bed and landed softly looking up at me with his large orange eyes. They were tilted downward, and his head hung.

“It’s ok, Sievroth. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. You are still a baby and learning how to control it. I sighed and picked him up for a cuddle, laying on my bed while I watched Mauevene flit back and forth across the room.