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With one small fall, seventeen-year-old Sally Abeneb’s life changes dramatically. After a series of tests, she is sent to a special doctor who tells her she has just awoken her elemental powers. Confused and separated from her parents she tries to navigate a new school filled with other young elementals, some whose parents are involved with a secret organization trying to rule the world and enslave regular people.

Sally finds out she may be destined to either stop the darkness from taking over or be consumed by it. With help from her friends and a secret note, she finds her way to the water elemental palace where she must help stop a curse from taking over in order to get them to trust her. 

With the secret organization following her every move, she learns how to make her powers appear unremarkable while still learning how to control them to keep from falling into their hands or worse becoming like them. It’s a balancing act that she has to perfect or her life and her parents are at risk. 

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Still learning how to use her elemental powers, Sally must now find the air elementals and help them escape from the clutches of darkness. The Pulhu are after her, and even some of the kids in school have decided to help the secret organization. With nowhere safe for her, Sally needs to learn about her powers and how to use them as fast as possible, without getting caught. 

Sally and her friends must work together to figure out what to do. The darkness is getting closer, and they still don’t know how to stop it. The prophecy says she must find the air elementals or she won’t win, and the darkness will take over, tearing everything she loves apart. Will she be able to save them in time, or will the Pulhu stop her?

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Buried Embers

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Sally’s school is changing as the council tries to get more involved, and Mrs. Sullivan isn’t sure how long she will be able to protect Sally. New teachers are being sent to the school by the council, and no one is sure what side they are on. They could be Pulhu, or they could be dedicated council members. Either way, Sally can’t trust anyone else. 

Sally starts searching for the fire elementals, knowing that is the key to stopping everything terrible that is happening, but the Pulhu are already on the trail. They are searching all over for the fire elementals, and they may have a way of forcing them to do what the Pulhu want. How will Sally get past them to save the fire elementals and earn their trust?

As if that wasn’t enough, a baby dragon is following Sally around. She doesn’t know why he is staying close to her, but with the search for the fire elementals becoming a race against the Pulhu, she plans to use every advantage she has, even if the dragon doesn’t want to tell her what’s going on.